This FAQ covers common support and usage questions related to our products.

What is Redetec?

Redetec is the leading 19” Rack mount cabinet Fire Detection and Extinguishing System on the global market, providing cost effective localised fire protection to the most valuable assets within the data centre comms room, eliminating the threat to business continuity due to fire.

Where would you suggest we put the unit in the cabinet to perform the best?

The Redetec unit is perforated on the bottom, therefore it is suggested to install the standard unit at the top of the cabinet leaving 2U of free space below. However if installation at the top of the cabinet is not practical then we do offer remote detection as an option which enables you to place the detection at the top of the cabinet whilst installing the Redetec at any point with in the cabinet. We would always recommend installation of the Redetec to be as high up in the cabinet as possible.

How quickly does redetec detect the fire & release the extinguishant?

Redetec go into fire as soon as the smoke detector(s) have detected presence of smoke, the Redetec is set to double knock as default but has the option for single knock. Once smoke has been detected the extinguishant releases within a set period of time. The extinguishant release delay is set to 10 seconds as default, however this delay can be changed to 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 & 120 seconds.

Does HFC227ea (FM200) Or Novec 1230 effect the electronic equipment?

Both HFC227ea (FM200) and Novec1230 Extinguishants are non conductive, non corrosive and does not effect the equipment.

What happens after the extinguishant has been discharged?

Redetec Limited have the facility to service / re-charge the cylinders at our office's in Manchester, UK. We also hold stock of new replacement cylinders if a quick turn around is required.