Protect your business with Redetec…

putting fire protection where it counts

19″ Rack Mount Fire Protection Solutions

Redetec is the only rack mount fire protection solution which puts all of the best fire detection and protection tools where the risk of fire and the threat to business continuity is greatest, in the rack itself.

Redetec with point detection
Redetec 3.0 with Point Detection

Fire Protection Where It Counts

Redetec puts fire protection at the point of greater risk; for faster detection & fire suppression; ensuring continuous asset availability & protection.

Environmentally Responsible

Why protect a whole room when you can concentrate on protecting high risk, high value, equipment within individual racks.

Because Redetec is selective in discharging a small amount of extinguishing agent, it can form a major part of a more environmentally responsible company strategy.

Cost Effective Solutions

Redetec solutions do not need extensive design calculations, alterations to the fabric of the building or costly wiring.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance costs are all reduced resulting in a more cost effective solution.

The traditional method of fire protection of IT & electronic equipment is to totally flood the Comms room with a gaseous fire extinguishing agent. Whilst adequate in many situations, there are occasions where faster, more responsive detection is required to protect the high value and mission critical systems on which the company relies. Companies also prefer to use extinguishing gas more carefully and in smaller amounts, demonstrating a more responsible environmental policy as well as reducing project costs.

Redetec provides fire detection and extinguishant release within the protected enclosure, where a fire can be detected early; and where fire extinguishants can be applied directly.

Compact Design

With floor area at a premium and more complex building designs, our in rack solution has it covered.

No large cylinders taking up valuable floor area, Redetec requires just 2u of space within each rack.

Building Facade

No alteration to the building facade due to over pressure venting or large ducting as you would typically expect from a room system, Redetec is a low pressure system discharging just 1.2-2.4kg of extinguishing agent into each rack.

Continuous Monitoring

Redetec is continuously available and because it protects cabinets from within, it doesn’t interfere with staff and need not be isolated during working hours or when rooms are occupied.

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