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This FAQ covers common support and usage questions related to our products.

What is Redetec?

Redetec is the leading 19” Rack mount cabinet Fire Detection and Extinguishing System on the global market, providing cost effective localised fire protection to the most valuable assets within the data centre comms room, eliminating the threat to business continuity due to fire.

Where would you suggest we put the unit in the cabinet to perform the best?

The Redetec unit is perforated on the bottom, therefore it is suggested to install the standard unit at the top of the cabinet leaving 2U of free space below. However if installation at the top of the cabinet is not practical then we do offer remote detection as an option which enables you to place the detection at the top of the cabinet whilst installing the Redetec at any point with in the cabinet. We would always recommend installation of the Redetec to be as high up in the cabinet as possible.

How quickly does redetec detect the fire & release the extinguishant?

The Redetec triggers as soon as the smoke detector(s) have detected presence of smoke, the Redetec is set to double knock as default but has the option for single knock. Once smoke has been detected the extinguishing agent, either FK-5-1-12 or HFC227e releases over a period of approximately 9 seconds.

As default the Redetec is set with a 10 Second delay between confirmed alarm and extinguishing agent release, however this delay can be easily changed to either 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 & 120 seconds.

Does HFC227ea Or FK-5-1-12 effect the electronic equipment?

Both HFC227ea and FK-5-1-12 Extinguishing agents are non conductive, non corrosive and leaves no residue therefore it does not effect the equipment with in the cabinet.

What happens after the extinguishant has been discharged?

The Redetec unit is fully serviceable, we can either refurbish and recharge the cylinders at our offices in Ashton-under-Lyne, UK with the New Extinguishing Agent or you can purchase a replacement cylinder and actuator for quick replacement.  We also hold stock of new replacement cylinders and actuators if a quick turn around is required.

Our fully trained and direct employed engineers can also swap cylinders on site for customers in the UK and parts of Europe.

How much HFC227ea or FK-5-1-12 is there in each Redetec unit?

There is 1.2Kgs of either HFC227ea or FK-5-1-12 in each Redetec Cylinder.  There is One Cylinder onboard the Redetec for protecting up to 1.5m³ and Two Cylinders onboard the Redetec for protecting up to 3.0m³

Do you offer an Installation and Commissioning service?

Yes, we have a team of fully trained, direct employed engineers that cover the UK and parts of Europe.  For latest pricing and further information please head to the Contact Us page.

Do you offer an Annual Preventative Maintenance package?

Yes, we have a team of fully trained, direct employed engineers that cover the UK and parts of Europe.  For latest pricing and further information please head to the Contact Us page.

Where can I purchase Redetec from?

You can purchase Redetec through our Online Shop or contact us direct for pricing and availability.  We also have a number of Distributors and Re-Sellers around the World where you can purchase our solution from, please Click Here to find your nearest location.

What is the difference between HFC227ea and FK-5-1-12?
HFC227ea FK-5-1-12
Extinguishant Type Synthetic Clean Agent Synthetic Clean Agent
Suitable for occupied areas Yes Yes
Extinguishant capability Heat Removal Heat Removal
Ozone Depletion Factor 0 0
Globalwarming potential (GWP) 3500 1
Atmospheric Lifetime – (Years) 36.5 0.014
NOAEL – No observable adverse effect level 9% 10%
LOAEL – lowest-observed-adverse-effect-level 10.5% >10%
Is it Conductive Or Corrosive? No No
Does it leave any Residue? No No
Is it harmful to IT Hardware? No No
Most common Greener alternative
What is the difference between Point Detection and HSSD?

All Redetec models beginning with ‘P’ utilise Apollo Optical Point Detection and all models beginning with ‘V’ utilise Airsense HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection).  The main difference is the HSSD provides phenomenal response to detecting smoke within high airflow environments, continuously sampling air from various points within the cabinet. In fact, it’s so good that it can detect incipient stages of combustion within the cabinet, were as you would need much more smoke to be generated in order to trigger the standard detection.  HSSD is typically set to a level 10x more sensitive than the standard detection as default.

Typical Sensitivity range of HSSD is 0.03% to 25% obs/m (obscuration per meter)

Typical Sensitivity range of Point Detection is 3.5% – 5.0% obs/m (obscuration per meter)

The smoke from the smoldering stage of a fire is typically made up of large combustion particles—between 0.3 and 10.0 µm, this is what obscures the detector.  The sensitivity on our HSSD can be adjusted via a laptop to be more or less sensitive based on the environment, whereas the sensitivity on a Point detector is fixed with no further adjustment.

How does the Redetec detect a Fire, Heat or Smoke?

Redetec has two options for detecting a Fire, both of which rely on the detection of Smoke, primarily because we want to pick up the incident at it’s very earliest stage, in some cases before a naked flame is visible.  Whilst, believe it or not, it is possible to have a fire without smoke, it would be extremely and highly unlikely in the environment Redetec is designed to protect.

Do you have 3D CAD Models of the Redetec products?

Yes, we have models available in STP (STEP) format which can be sent to you on request. Please head to the Contact Us page to get in touch.

Are there any Prerequisites to consider prior to installing Redetec?

Dust free

The environment in and around where the cabinets are installed (with the exception of External IP Cabinets) at the time of installation and commissioning of the Redetec units needs to be free from extensive and prolonged builders dust(should any work be on-going) as the smoke detection and suppression will become live at that point.  Large dust build up could contaminate the smoke detectors and generate a false/positive alarm resulting in the activation of the units.


We will require a single 110-230v mains socket in each of the cabinets that are to be protected.  The Redetec is powered using a standard Plug/C14 to IEC C13 mains lead.

Cabinet U Space

Standard Point Smoke Detection: 2U of free space will be required at the top of each of the cabinets to be protected for the Redetec, it is recommended that an addition 2U of free space is allocated below the unit (4U Total).  If the Redetec is to be mounted at any other point in the cabinet Or without 2U of free space below the unit then additional remote detection will be required if not already purchased.

HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection): 2U of free space will be required at the top of each of the cabinets to be protected for the Redetec, there is no requirement for an addition 2U of free space below the unit as the detection works using an Air Sampling Tube connected to the rear of the Redetec.

How do I know if I require a Redetec for 1.5m³ or 3.0m³?

The following units can protect a volume of up to 1.5m³, PF/RED/1.5, PN/RED/1.5, VF/RED/1.5 & VN/RED/1.5

The following units can protect a volume of up to 3.0m³, PF/RED/3.0, PN/RED/3.0, VF/RED/3.0 & VN/RED/3.0

We measure the internal volume of the cabinet by multiplying the Height x Width x Depth, we do not take into account what equipment is installed in the cabinet as this can change over time, all calculations are based on the cabinet being empty.

Example1: Cabinet dimensions H: 42u/2.1m x W: 0.6m x D: 0.8m = 1.01m³, would require a PF/RED/1.5, PN/RED/1.5, VF/RED/1.5 or VN/RED/1.5.

Example2: Cabinet dimensions H: 42u/2.1m x W: 0.8m x D: 1.0m = 1.68m³, would require a PF/RED/3.0, PN/RED/3.0, VF/RED/3.0 or VN/RED/3.0.



What happens if power is lost to the cabinet, will the Redetec still work?

Yes!  All Redetec units as standard have 2qty 1.2Ah SLA Batteries onboard, this provides up to 12hrs battery backup for the Redetec unit with Standard Detection.

What warranty comes with the Redetec?

Currently all Redetec units come with a standard 12 month parts and labour warranty against manufacturing defects from date of purchase.  All faulty Redetec units will need to be shipped back to our factory for evaluation prior to warranty work taking place.  In some cases we are able to carry out warranty work on sites that have an existing Annual Preventative Maintenance contract with us.  We do not offer extended warranty packages at this time, although we do offer Fully Inclusive Annual Preventative Maintenance to customers in the UK.

Does the Redetec offer remote signalling?

Yes!  The Redetec as Standard has volt free contacts for 1st Stage Fire (Pre Alarm), 2nd Stage Fire (Confirmed Alarm) & Fault condition which can easily be connected to a BMS system Or Intelligent UPS and/or the Main Building Fire Alarm System giving the earliest possible warning of an incident.  The Redetec is set to double knock as default and can easily set to operate on a single knock basis if required.

We also have an IP module available as an optional extra, this will enable remote monitoring of the Redetec via the Network, sending alerts for 1st Stage Fire (Pre Alarm), 2nd Stage Fire (Confirmed Alarm) & Fault conditions to up to three email addresses via SMTP or SNMP, each unit is fully configurable via a built in Web Server.

What is the power consumption of the Redetec?

The Redetec with Point Detection is rated at 8W (27.32 BTU) i.e. PF/RED/1.5-3.0 & PN/RED/1.5-3.0

The Redetec with HSSD is rated at 11.48W (39.17 BTU) i.e. VF/RED/1.5-3.0 & VN/RED/1.5-3.0

Do you Export Redetec products?

Yes, we Export all Redetec products Globally!


We can provide a quotation for shipping, alternately if you have a preferred freight forwarder we would be happy to liaise with your company of choice.

What is the typical lead time for Redetec products?

Our Standard lead times are as follows:

1 – 25 Redetec units ~ 2 Weeks

26 – 50 Redetec units ~ 3-4 Weeks

51 – 75 Redetec units ~ 4-6 weeks

76+ Redetec units please contact us to discuss your requirements…

Should you require any of our products sooner than our standard lead time above please contact our office with your specific requirements.

Note: All quoted lead times are Ex-Works, Ashton-under-Lyne, UK.


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