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Redetec with Point Detection
Redetec with Point Detection
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Redetec with Point Detection

For static and low airflows. Accurate and reliable, these detectors are perfect for the majority of Redetec applications.

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Multiple Point Type Detectors.

Redetec with point type detection provides complete detection for the effects of combustion (fire) particles by including two detectors; both detectors use optical technology for larger smoke particle detection, Point type smoke detectors are excellent for the detection of smoke in all general applications where airflows rise vertically within the enclosure and airflows are not forced over a rate of 5m/sec. The detectors are used in coincidence to produce a fire signal and initiate extinguishant gas release.

Redetec is fitted with two detectors; additional detectors may be connected to each Redetec to provide smoke detection in associated enclosures or room space. See the additional options page for further details.

Models Available

Model Product Code
HFC227ea (FM200) Suppression for 1.5m3 PF/RED/1.5
HFC227ea (FM200) Suppression for 3.0m3 PF/RED/3.0
FK-5-1-12  suppression for 1.5m3 PN/RED/1.5
FK-5-1-12  suppression for 3.0m3 PN/RED/3.0

Technical Specifications


19″ (485mm) width x 2U (88mm) height x 300mm deep
(standard depth 300mm with options for extension for deeper cabinets 400mm/600mm)

Smoke Detection

2x Photoelectric Optical Smoke Detectors

Extinguishant Type

HFC227ea (FM200) Or FK-5-1-12

Input Voltage

110/230V AC via single fused IEC socket

Output Voltage

As input voltage via 1x 10A IEC female socket

Output Switching

1st stage alarm contacts, 2nd stage alarm contacts, Fault contacts, 24v dc output fused @ 500mA, RS232 output, Extinguishant delay time 0, 4, 32, 64, 128 seconds

Remote Output

Extinguishant release output

Remote Inputs

Extinguishant Release / Release Hold

Battery Backup

2x 1.2AH SLA Batteries

Operating Temperature

0°C – 50°C


Max 95% (non-condensing)

Power Supply Rating

1.5A PSU: 1.0A continuous load, 0.5A battery charge

Power Consumption

8W (27.32 BTU)

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